Isobelle Carmody Bio and Works

Isobelle Carmody is an Australian science fiction, fantasy, children's literature, and young adult literature writer. She was born in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia, on June 16, 1958. Carmody Isobelle started writing at the age of thirteen, combining her creative labor with a Bachelor of Arts, a Major in literature and philosophy, and a career in public relations and journalism. She has written several novels, among them Scatterlings, The Gathering, The Red Shoes, Greylands, The Landlord, Angel Fever, Alyzon Whitestarr and the Cat Dreamer. She has also authored many short stories, including Corfu, Roaches, The Witch Seed, Seek No More, The Pumpkin Eater, The Monster Game, Long Live the Giant!, Green Monkey Dreams, A Splinter of Darkness, The Phoenix, The Keystone, The Glory Days, The Beast, The Lemming Factor, The Man Who Lost His Shadow, Guinevere, or the Sleeping of Beauty, The Dove Game, Santorini and Perchance to Dream.

Some of the best known Isobelle Carmody books are those who comprise the Obernewtyn Chronicles (Obernewtyn, The Farseekers, Ashling, The Keeping Place and The Stone Key). The sixth book in the series, entitled The Sending, is expected to be released on September 2011. It will deal with a female protagonist who will embark on a quest that will pit the forces of good against the powers of evil, where her very own soul might be at stake. The next and last installment in the Obernewtyn Chronicles will be The Red Queen, sometime in the year 2012, which will continue the story of this brave girl who will put everything she ever knew and loved on the line for the sake of a greater good. Isobelle Carmody has also found success with The Legend of Little Fur, another saga consisting of The Legend Begins, A Fox Called Sorrow, A Mystery of Wolves, and A Riddle of Green. Other series of books are The Legendsong Saga (Darkfall, Darksong and Darkbane) and the Gateway Trilogy (Billy Thunder and the Night Gate, The Winter Door and Firecat's Dream).

Isobelle Carmody has been the recipient of many awards, such as the 2006 ABPA Book Design Award for fiction; the 1997 Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Stories Young Adult Division award; the 1988, 1991 and 1994 Children's Book Council of Australia Award for Book of the Year for Older Readers; the 1993 Children's Peace Literature Award (PEACE) for Best Book; the 3M Talking Book Award. The Aurealis Awards have also been very kind to Carmody, having honored her with the Golden Aurealis novel, the Young Adult Novel and the Children's Long Fiction awards in 2006; the Young Adult Short Story Award in 1997 and 2002; and the Young Adult Novel award in 1998, as well as nominating for many other accolades. Check her wiki entry.

Isobelle Carmody Characters

Isobelle Carmody's book characters are deep and well rounded. In The Gathering, the characters range from the seriously abused and brokenhearted to the perfect but substance dependent. Through them, this gifted author makes you laugh and also cry, and you will certainly be a wiser person by the time you read the words “The End.”