Lotos Plasma Cutter Reviews

ltp5000dLotos technology is a USA based company that deals in welding and cutting tools. These are high quality products mainly supplied to small business holders and Do-It-Yourself buyers, commonly known as DIY buyers. They employ latest technologies such as PWM (pulse width modulation), MOFSET based high frequency inverter technology, IGBT, and many more. These deliver a smooth and precise current to the cutting surface and can be used over a wide range of materials thereby providing the customers with the ease of variability. The products produce clean results with much less heat and even lesser material distortion. They have been under the limelight from 2007, for their affordable and portable products that deliver a rich experience to professional as well as DIY users.

Enlisted below are some of their top products along with their respective reviews.

  • Lotos LTP5000D

This product is a good one when compared to its price and also with the prices of the other competitor companies. It is a very good one for domestic use, or for small uses like cutting of carbon, stainless steel sheets, aluminium etc. up to 1/8th of an inch very smoothly. But when adjusted with proper voltage and current it can glide smoothly up to ¼ inch without any hesitation. It is easy to assemble and once you become accustomed with its functioning, you will find it very smooth in handling. It is compact and handy, yet a moderately powerful one, and provides a precisely clean cut up to its possible range.

You can read more about Lotos LTP5000D at https://plasmacutterpro.com/lotos-ltp5000d-plasma-cutter-review/.

  • LT5000D Lotos LT5000D

This is a very satiating product. It is a lightweight cutter, but when its work is compared, it gives tough competition even to its higher competitors. The company service for any problem is a pure bliss. The dual voltage helps you receive some cherry on the cake. With a connection of 110V you can easily glide on through the tin sheets and light metals. For heavy works, 220V connection helps you achieve an effortless precision.

  • Lotos Technology LTP6000

This product cuts pretty easily up to ½ an inch. But the instructions for installation are a bit messy and difficult. For easy installation it is recommended to watch the videos. The performance of this plasma torch is like a hot knife placed over butter. It is very much suitable for beginners and for uses at home. As compared to its price, this is a recommendable one.

  • Lotos Technology LTP7000

LTP7000 is an excellent and well-built one. This is a treat to all those who have been using plasma cutters. It cuts up to 1 inch without any difficulty. The setup is quite an easy one. This is a heavy duty product with long lasting and sturdy consumables. The 5 years warranty is an additional attraction that the company provides. In no way can this one be rejected, and makes its name in the list of definite recommendation for a robust plasma cutter.

  • Lotos Technology LTP8000

It cuts through ½ and ¾ inches without any hesitation. For thicker metals, it is advisable to have a compatible air compressor. With proper setup this becomes very handy and produces precise and clean cuts. The long torch lead and the excellent torch quality definitely provide you an edge over the product.